Eight video series explores Community Care and Respect, Ecological Justice, Social & Racial Justice and Peace & Nonviolence as part of the Earth Charter.
Connected in God’s Creation Video SeriesConnected in God’s Creation Video Series

In Spring 2020, our Creation Care Team submitted an Eco-Resolution for our Delaware-Maryland Synod that was approved by our Synod Council. Click on the image to hear more about the resolution in a 6-minute video.

ECO Resolution

The ECO Resolution's Purpose is to:

  1. Emphasize awareness of the ELCA’s longstanding support of Creation Care and specifically the 1993 ELCA Social Statement on the Environment. Learn more about this social statement here.
  2. Emphasize awareness of the Earth Charter that was endorsed during the ELCA Churchwide Assembly in 2019.

    Bishop Gohl explains the Delaware-Maryland Synod's commitment to the Earth Charter in a brief video. Bishop Gohl Explains the Synod's Earth Charter commitment

  3. Implement portions of the Earth Charter working in cooperation with the ELCA Sustainability / Environment Table. Learn more about Lutherans Embracing the Earth Charter, a pilot project of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

  4. Engage with congregations to help them be better stewards of creation as defined in our project “New Hope for Creation” that received funding from our Synod Connectedness Team.


First prize winner...

First prize winner at the short film festival Film4Climate Global Video Competition presented by Connect4Climate. Excellent video narrated with rap! Does a great job empasizing the urgency of the climate crisis. Link

Click image to play.

"Earthrise" by Amanda Gorman

Click image to hear Amanda Gorman's Earthrise "Earthrise"

"There is no rehearsal. The time is
Because the reversal of harm,
And protection of a future so universal
Should be anything but controversial.
So, earth, pale blue dot
We will fail you not."

An excerpt from 'Earthrise: A Poem About Climate Change' by Amanda Gorman, the United States' inaugural Youth Poet Laureate who performed 'The Hill We Climb' at this month's Biden/Harris Presidential Inauguration.Earthrise Link

Three Solutions for Climate Change

Click image to play.
This "Our Changing Climate" environmental video essay looks at 3 climate change solutions that could actually happen. This video dives into three climate change solutions: refrigerant management, onshore wind turbines, and plant-rich or vegan diets. The models from Project Drawdown show that if refrigerant management, onshore wind turbines, and vegan or plant-based diets are scaled up around the globe, we could potentially avoid millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions and be on our way to tackling climate change. These climate change solutions will require tremendous actions, but could provide massive benefits.

Doug Tallamy "Nature's Best Hope"

Learn the immediate actions and practical steps you can take on your property to protect earth's biodiversity. We are ALL "Nature's Best Hope! Doug Tallamy, entomologist at the University of Delaware and author of several award-winning books, gave a webinar sponsored by Hood College and the Multi-faith Alliance Climate Stewards of Frederick.

Racial Justice is Climate Justice

Racial Justice Is Climate Justice – A brief video by the Alliance for Climate Education. The fight for racial justice and the fight for climate justice overlap in many ways, from air pollution to hurricane evacuees. Explore the connection in the first episode of this monthly series, Our Climate Our Future SHORTS.

Lutherans Restoring Creation Worship

Faith leaders associated with Creation Care have noted the urgent responses needed toward climate as a moral and ethical imperative consideration for our posterity.

We urge you to view this YouTube video of a Lutherans Restoring Creation worship. Also, please consider disseminating this video and additional creation worship services currently in production to help instruct others with this “Earth Honoring” faith response.

The Age of Nature

PBS has a great new series entitled "The Age of Nature" that explores the relationship of humankind with nature and illustrates issues such as climate change that need to be addressed. You can check the schedule or stream from the PBS web site: Link


This video is more focused on engineering and science, however it succinctly points out characteristics of God’s Creation that we all need to emulate and it projects a hopeful future as we transform our ways to God’s ways. Link

The Biggest Little Farm

This video focuses on sustainable farming. Link

Decoding the Weather Machine

Discover how Earth’s intricate climate system is changing. Two hours in length, but everyone should watch it to fully understand what is happening with greenhouse gasses and climate change. It can be streamed directly from PBS or you can purchase the DVD. Link

Paris to Pittsburg

Click image to play the trailer "Paris to Pittsburgh" Paris to Pittsburg is a good commentary on what Americans have done to make progress since the announcement we were pulling out of the Paris Agreement. It is a little politically charged and might offend and alienate some people so be cautious with your audience with this because we don't want to make caring for creation a political battle.

Rivers of Life

The PBS series is not specific to caring for creation, but does illustrate the magnificence of the Nile, Amazon, and Mississippi rivers. The segment on the Amazon explains how climate change is affecting it. You can stream this or purchase the DVD. Link

The Earthbound series

The “Earthbound” series is a bit older, but has a focus on Lutheran theology and caring for creation. It has six segments and is designed to be a bible study. A leader guide is provided; can be purchased to stream or on DVD. Link

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