Contact your legislators.

Legislators consistently indicate they want to hear from their consituents. Because of their time constraints, they will tend to ignore correspondence or calls from people not in their district. Use the tools on the right sidebar to learn your representatives' contact information.

  1. Email them, in your words. Custom emails have a higher value than canned emails.
  2. Call them. You won't need to have a lengthy conversation; typically a staff member will take your name, address, and a summary of your call.
  3. Best method of contact: With a small group of fellow constituents, meet them.

    If you can arrange it, arrange to meet with your legislator before the session opens or early during the session. The Delaware legislature convenes on the second Tuesday of January and meets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until June 30 of each year. Maryland's reps are busiest when their annual legislative session proceeds from early January for 90 days.

Become more informed.

Delaware: Check out this graphic that illustrates how a bill becomes a law in Delaware.

Maryland: Review this simple illustration that consisely explains how a bill becomes law in Maryland's legislative process. In Maryland, the League of Conservation Voters has a Conservation Voter Report which gives you your legislators' green report. Complete the form at LCV Green Report.

Determine what is happening in your area. Pipelines (maybe not on the same scale as the XL pipeline, and compressor stations,) are being built in neighborhoods where they are unwanted. Contact your local reps - commissioner, council person, etc. Many have mailing lists; ask to be included.


Start local. Attend a school board meeting; attend a neighborhood association meeting.


Spend 30 minutes poking around and reading Skeptical Science.

Find Your Representatives

Click on the state image to find your respective state senators and delegates:

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Click on the image to find your federal senators and representative:Gov Track lookup tool