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Grants for Environmental Projects

The Creation Care Ministry has grant funding to provide to congregations for environmental projects such as planting trees, creating pollinator or community gardens, getting energy audits and upgrading lighting and other utilities. To apply please complete this brief application form: Creation Care Grant Application

What is Our Wealth About? Banking & Investing for People & the Planet

In the Synod conference "Connected in God's Creation," held in September 2022, in one session the participants reviewed some of the social and environmental impacts resulting from our financial investments and how we steward our assets, individually and congregationally. This session also covered how to find better banking and investing options and provided tips for switching to banking and investing options that reflect the goals of:

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)'s socially responsible investment goals
  • Delaware-Maryland Synod's resolution on socially responsible investing, and
  • The Earth Charter
The following links provide references for individuals and congregations to find better banking and investing options reflecting your stewardship goals:
  1. Greening Your Money: Step-by-Step" (Tips/Links)
  2. Session Video
  3. Sample Investment Policy Statement

BGE Energy Upgrade for Congregations

Get technical assistance and financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades. Find out more about BGE's program for retrofitting or replacing old equipment to purchasing new equipment for major renovations or new-build projects. BGE Program

Save $$$$ -- Use Renewable Energy for Your Electric Power

In Maryland the energy distributor, such as BGE, allows you to select your energy source. Why not obtain your electric energy from a 100% renewable source? - either from a designated provider who uses only renewable sources for producing energy, or from a community solar group "coop." In the later case, we ask you to check with Neighborhood Sun. For the former, check out You may be pleasantly surprised. Their prices are compatible and sometimes even less that the standarard rate.

20 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Here are top twenty ways we can reduce our carbon footprint based on research by Union of Concerned Scientists. See